Tuesday, April 05, 2011

My worst internet shopping experience - gogglesgiant.com

My worst internet shopping experience, by far, has been with GogglesGiant.com , trying to get replacement goggles for my son's ski goggles, in the middle of the season.Order two pairs, in early February, from their online store at gogglesgiant.com, promises of fast shipping etc.

After two weeks I ask them that I haven't' seen a shipping notice and what's the delay and they reply that there's a high order volume and will ship when they can! Seriously, I will forward anyone their email!

I know I should've asked for the order to be cancelled right there, but I can't take a hint, eh?

After another week I receive a shipment notice with no tracking number. After another 3 weeks I receive the package, for a grand total of 6 weeks.

By now is late March and the season is basically over!

Done? Nope.They screw up and send me the wrong size for one of the lens. I write them back with a photo of the SKU and get ignored! After 1 week, I write again and receive this reply: mail us back the wrong lens and we will refund the cost of the lens. They refuse to send me the right lens, will just refund the cost, without shipping charges.

Reason: "we can't modify the original order". Seriously? I know it sounds too hard to believe, but these guys are for real! Again, I will forward anyone their original emails!

I get stuff shipped for free from Hong Kong in 3 weeks and these guys take 5-6 weeks! They refuse to make good on the order! It's insane, really! I would seriously suggest you look elsewhere for goggles. Ebay hasn't failed me yet. Actually this was the first time I strayed from Amazon and Ebay and I get screwed.

Also, they are a Yahoo Store and theirs is the worse complaining and merchant rating system ever. I hope they go banckrupt. I will and you should avoid any so called Yahoo Store.

I won't send them the wrong size only to get screwed again. I'll loose 40$ but I won't throw more good moneys after the bad.

Again - Goggles Giant cost me 40$, send me the wrong size, didn't send the order until after the season was over and have the worse customer service online... who lies through their nose!

Unfortunately I don't have a lot of recourse here. I can't even open a ticket with my credit card company because it has been like 9 weeks already now... smart buggers! Yahoo stores accept complaints only 6 weeks and after 30 minutes of browsing their website I can't even figure out how to rate this store or open a complaint!



Unknown said...

My experience is about the same. They didn't ship the product for 30 days and when I indicated that it was the wrong lens, they said they would not issue an RMA for return as the order was over 30 days old and didn't qualify for return. What a joke. This site is a rip-off site that intentionally points you at wrong lens and then stiffs you. Buy your lens anywhere but gogglesgiant.com and by the way watch out for other sites as they are run by the same guy.

JS said...

I hate to echo your experience and, giving how long ago your posted, I wish I had read this post. I am going through the screw-job right now. I have contacted my credit card company and they are aware of the situation but I have started with Yahoo's complaint department. I don't know what that will do (based on your post and the feedback I am not hopeful) but I am hoping that I was quick enough to get on this issue that I might get some satisfaction.

I won't be ordering through these bastards again that is for sure.