Monday, August 09, 2010

Google wave is dead

...yeah, the "king of the interactive communication is dead, long live the king".

While enthusiastic in the beginning, I must say that we didn't used it as much as we thought we'd be. The technology behind it however is awesome, but I must agree, the implementation wasn’t the greatest. It should be embedded in google docs and integrated with email and IM. I think I already saw some of that in google docs recently…

For instance click on an email thread and "turn to wave". Or the same in IM, think of it as "persisting the thread".

In google docs, the use of this is obvious: it's turning any doc into a version controled repository, real time wiki with embedded forum etc...yeah, makes sense. Every software MUST now have this: every wiki, every forum, every Word application...they simply must! Getting this question in a flashing status bar of your favorite Word app "Do you accept interactive edit of this document, from". Hell, yeah...

The "playback" feature was underutilized.

May be surprising, but I used it mostly as an internet pad to copy/paste quotes, ideas, links and later develop them. Also to copy/paste things between laptops/computers, save them for later etc.

An "internet research pad", where you could invite others etc...that I still think it's worthy of its own site.

I will, spare time existing, look at integrating this with my script pad: - That would be bespinningly interesting.

As always, don't hold your breath.
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