Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Start dowloading torrents remotely

Say you're at work and you stumble onto a torrent you'd like to watch tonite (some documentary or the latest episode from

Well, here's one way to do it...

1. Run uTorrent at home, 24/7, even if it's not downloading anything. Configure it to automatically load torrents from a folder say "torrentstodo". This is in Preferences/Directories at the bottom.
2. Install LiveMesh both at home and at work
3. map this folder as shared on both computers: right click and say "share with LiveMesh" at home and at work just right click the "LiveMesh Folders" in explorer.

Then, when you like a torrent, save it to the local "torrentstodo" folder at work. LiveMesh will transfer it at home automatically. Then uTorrent will pick it up and start downloading it.

Please don't steal copyrighted material when it's easily available (online) at a reasonable price :)

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